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Etelka KATITS – Katinka MAGYARI – Zsuzsanna VARGA: Connecting the Turnaround to Success – the Application of Financial Turnaround Controlling in the Hungarian Business World

One part of the financial controlling system tailored to corporate life stages is turnaround controlling which we use mainly in the crisis phases but not excusively. In our presentation, we highlight the Hungarian turnaround management as the subject and independent place of corporate finance researches.Based on the findings of Ansoff, Argentini and Krystek we show why it is necessary to develop and use the methodology of financial signaling and reason researching which is less well known among the Hungarian companies. How does the application of financial turnaround controlling help successful implementation of Hungarian turnaround management? Answering this question, we show an application that is the result of a long research and testing work. The used methodology is analysis, diagnosis and evaluation form financial and management accounting information. Conclusions are drawn from the research results of the Hungarian corporate database analysis of the period 2007-2020, and the case and situation analysis taken from the Hungarian consulting world. The applied technique is the self-development FINel financial expert system. By answering the research questions, the content and the methodology of corporate turnaround finances are taking shape,which also provides a useful helping hand for professionals and decision-makers dealing with finance and accounting.

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