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Publication with co-authors – Zsuzsanna VARGA-Etelka KATITS-Katinka MAGYARI-Éva SZALKA-Ildikó PALÁNYI: Is Urban Farming the Green Economy of the Future?! Investigation of the Sustainable Management of a Hungarian Startup Enterprise

Nowdays, there is a huge interest in putting sustainable management and growth into practice, that was the central idea of the first UN report, published in 1987. In our presentation, we look for possibilities and driving forces to make this a reality, and we show possibilities for further development. How can financial accounting data and its obtained results be used and interpreted to measure corporate growth, sustainable growth and development? What operational and strategic opportunities can the sustainable growth rate (SGR) refer to in the case of a start-up but highly innovative Hungarian Agricultural enterprise in its infancy? How does exploring and applying the factors influencing the SGR help to define, implement, and control a scalable growth strategy? We made case and situation analysis from the Hungarian consulting world. We used a quantitative technique, the self-developed FINel finance diagnostic and value creation expert system. In addition to the theorical conception of sustainable management and SGR, in our study we show its application in business practice. We prove sustainable finance adapted to corporate life cycles as the basis of sustainable corporate management in a holistic approach.

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